Pumpkin Hollowing Tip

Pumpkin Hollowing Tip

Use silica gel packets to keep pumpkins/gourds from molding. Wow, the things I learn on pinterest.


DIY Halloween Decor : Pumpkin

Cute, Cheap, Easy

Pumpkins will forever be the statement piece of October.

Here is a simple way to decorate your porch, stoop, patio, coffee table or fireplace mantel:

   DIY option 1–“Preppy Pumpkin”

What you will need:


black paint

sharpie (black)

buttons (preferably black)

hot glue gun & Sticks


1) Write a word/phrase across your pumpkin.

2) Use hot glue gun to glue buttons ontop of the word/phrase.

3) Paint the stem black (optional if you choose not to skip step.

4) Wait for the paint to dry.

5) Cut ribbon the  length of the pumpkin

6) Tie it in a bow around the stem. Secure ot with some hot glue.